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Introducing the 3-String Guitar
The 3-string guitar has a rich history as a blues instrument in the rural American South. 

Often built from cigar boxes and found woods, they were the first instruments for many storied musicians.
Five-word Summary
Guitar frets with open tuning.
The Strings on Wood Guitar Advantage
Advantage: Guitar Versatility
Like all guitars, our 3-string is a chromatic instrument, meaning that each string can sound all twelve notes in a musical octave.  It can be played in any key without retuning, and it supports dozens of chord combinations. 
Advantage: Open Tuning
Open tuning means that chords can be played with one finger: start playing without complicated chord shapes. Place a finger across all three strings behind any fret and strum a chord. On our open D instruments the one-finger chords are D, D#/Cb, E, F, F#/Gb, G, G#/Ab, A, A#/Bb, B, C, C#/Db.

Of course, many other chords are available.  See the chord chart here.
Advantage: Experienced Craftmanship
Every Strings on Wood guitar is individually crafted by Michael Sedore, builder of more than 250 instruments.
Advantage: More Included Features
Our guitars feature:
  • Fret markers on the top and side (important for playability)
  • Built-in piezo pickup and output jack (connect to any guitar amp)
  • No-fuss string changes (strings just slide off headless end pins)
  • Shorter (21-inch) scale length (easier fingering)

Ideal for Beginners, Exciting for Musicians